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Home staging is the proven and most effective way to sell a home quicker and for more money. Like anything else on the market, the better a product is showcased the more desirable it will be for buyers and ultimately, sell better. This same principle applies to preparing your home for sale. When it comes to selling a home, presentation is key. In fact, great presentation is what staging is all about!  


The benefits of staging are many but here’s our top 3 favorites...and why we love staging so much! 


  • Stage and walk away with more money! Home Staging is a proven approach that can increase your listing price potential. The reason: staging significantly enhances your home's presentation and therefore, increase its potential to be listed at a higher price than its non-staged competition. A home that comes into the market with high marks in presentation can save sellers a substantial part of their investment. How so? Sellers can lose a big portion of their home's equity in price reductions. The cost of staging is, and will always be, a fraction of the cost of a reduction in price. 


  • Stage and sell quicker! Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market versus their non-staged competition. The less time you’re on the market, the more you avoid dropping your home in price. Stage your home from the very start and you could end up keeping 5-20% of your home’s value – money that can be lost in unnecessary price that’s rightfully yours! 


  • Stage and your home becomes a desirable product! Style Fusion Home Staging's team transforms your home into a sellable product – a desirable, polished home for potential buyers. You need to think like a buyer if you’re on the market. Most homeowners are too attached to their home to view it objectively. Leave that to us! We’re experts in the real estate way of presenting a home and what today’s buyers want. Plus, we’re on top of all the latest in real estate. 


When you’re armed with an action plan, a selling strategy that includes a stager and a good Realtor, you’re sure to win at the end!  Call us for a consultation –before the Realtor sign goes up!


Want to learn more about how staging can help you? We’ll be happy to sit with you and show you how it can save you money. Staging works! Let us show you how!




Our home re-decorating service came out of our clients’ requests for us to help them organize their home to make it more functional and beautiful...on a budget. The comment we often hear when we stage a house for sale is: ͞I want to transfer this look to my new home... the house is so beautiful now!͟Style Fusion’s goal is to achieve the optimization of your living space; increasing your comfort and improving the ambiance by using what you already have, as much as possible. We are used to working within very tight time frames and limited budgets, so we come up with simple and creative solutions that fit your needs and tastes and will fit within the established budget.




Perfect for homeowners that are moving into a new house, decorating a second home or simply downsizing. We’ll help you with furniture re-arrangement, color selections, and everything in between that’s needed to make the most of your new space. Make your new house a warm and inviting haven from the very start! 




Tired of the same look but don’t have the inspiration or time to change it? We’ll work with you and your budget to bring a fresh new look to your home using your existing furnishings. We’ll transform your space by repositioning, repurposing and recreating a coordinated, functional, yet stylish look that shows off your home’s best features. The best part: it typically costs less than a new piece of furniture!. Additional new pieces can also be incorporated to complete the look if you choose to do so

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